Essential Bags Every Woman Should Have In Her Wardrobe.


We ladies love bags because it is one of the most essential accessories in our wardrobe it is one those items that completes our outfit. But let us face it we cannot have all the bags in the world we only can have certain handbag staples you should have in your closet. And if you invest in these essential bags, you’ll always have the perfect accessory to match any outfit and occasion.

Tote Bag.

Tote bags open at the top and usually have only one main compartment. It is roomy and reliable; a clean leather carryall holds everything that won’t fit in other bags. Good for the going to the beach, outdoor activities or shopping. This type of bags is a definite must have for those casual days out.

Cross-body Bag.

This is another bag you should have in your arsenal. It’s not the amount it holds but the pleasure it affords that makes the cross-body bag so essential. It is definitely your go to bag when you know your hands are going to be full for the day. Your hands will be free to pick through fruit at the farmers market, sort through the sale rack at your favourite store and commuting or even carrying down several cups of coffee.

Black Classic Day Bag.

Investing in a black classic day bag is one of the best things you can do for your wardrobe, it is an essential item in the urban life. The huge upside of having a black day bag is that it goes well with any of your outfit plus it makes for a classy and chic look.

Tailored Handbag.

This one is another essential bag that should be in your wardrobe as career lady. This bag is all about business. You need this bag for those important business meetings. It is a workbag yet classy and tailed and professional it helps makes a statement. It is usually roomy enough to carry your portfolio, business file, laptop and other work essentials.


Clutch is a type of handbag that doesn’t have handle. It can be carried in your hand or tucked under your arm. Clutch can hold a few of your essentials like keys, driver’s license, a lipstick and maybe your mobile phone. A fashionable clutch is perfect for that your evening dress.


Like the name implies thеѕе handbags are designed tо bе hеld bу hаnd. They feature a small handle at the top of the bag just the right size to wrap your hands around them. Typically, they're smaller than a ѕhоuldеr bag, but bigger than a сlutсh.

We believe that when you have all these bags in your arsenal you are ready for any occasion. These essential must have bag is a foundation you can build on.


So tell us what do you think about the essential bags every woman should have? What will you add or omit tell us on the comment section.

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How to take care of your Italian leather handbag



So now you have invested in the leather bag kilesa That you love so much, but how do you take care of it so That your favorite bag have a very long life span. This article will give you tips and advice on how to take care of your leather bag handbags

Tip Number 1:

Protect your Bag.

Prevention is always better than cure as they say. Protecting your bag Should involve the use of leather protectant, you find them in the shoe repair shops. The aim is to protect it from accidental stains and it is very important to handle your bags with clean hands.

Stain Removals.

The first step is knowing what type of stain you are dealing with Because the fact is every type of stain have a different stain removal technique.

1.      Food Stain: Crush white chalk and let it sit on the stain overnight. Brush off with a clean cloth in the morning.

2.      Coffee or Tea: If the stain is fresh, try cleaning it with a mild dish washing soap diluted in water and apply with a clean rag. If the stain has dried, try using white vinegar diluted with water and apply it with a rag.

3.      Oil Stains: Apply cornstarch on the stain immediately, rub it in carefully in such a way it created heat from friction, Which will help to absorb oil. Brush the powder off with a clean cloth after you have rubbed it in and do not let it sit on the stain spot

4.      Water stains: Let it dry naturally do not use hand dryer to apply heat, and bring your bag to a professional for removal

5.      Odour removal: Place a couple of dryer sheets in the bags for a few days.

Important Note: To be safe, whatever cleaning method (unproven) you want to try on your precious leather, always test in an inconspicuous area first to make sure it will not cause blackberries damage than good. All in all, if you are having trouble removing the stains from your leather bag, take it to a professional cleaner is the right thing to do.

Tip Number 2:

Storing bag.

This tip as handy For Those expensive Italian leather bags That You do not use often.

Store your leather handbag by placing it on a shelf; a dark, cool closet is best. Never put it in a plastic bag as this can result to the growth of mildew on the bag. Keep your leather bag away from locations with direct heat or sunlight as this will result to damaging the leather, causing it to lose color and become dry and cracked.

Tip Number 3:

Condition and Waterproof.

Typically we are living in a wet season right now know this as handy tips. Use waterproof suede suede waterproofing by using a commercial product. Use a conditioner specially Formulated for leather periodically especially if you live in a dry climate. If you do not have an idea of the right product for a Particular type of leather we advice you consult a professional.

Tip Number 4:

Maintaining Shape of your Bag.

Maintaining the shape of our bag is very important know the key to accomplish this is to stuff the inside of your bag with tissue paper or old newspaper to keep the sides of the leather from collapsing When not in use. This will help it keep its shape.

The best advice we hope you take from us is to always take your bag to a professional if you are not sure of what you are doing.

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12 Essentials of a well Packed Purse or Handbag That Will Save You From- Wardrobe Malfunction, Help You Keep Things Organized and Save you from Pain of Wearing a New Shoe


We have been giving you tips on our Facebook page for the past weeks now, if you are not Been Following us on Facebook you have really missed a lot click HERE to follow us in other not to never miss out and do not hesitate to speak to us through comments, we will always listen.

Women are known to be the most organized people and it takes preparations and knowing how to fix bad situations When They happen. To be successful solving such bad situation such as wardrobe malfunction or pains from wearing a new shoes we have to have all the Necessary essentials in our purse or handbags.

In this article we will be learning about items you Should Have in your purse or handbags That will save you from embarrassing situation like wardrobe malfunction, pains from wearing a new shoe and keeping you organized.

1.        Safety Pins.

Safety pin is a lifesaver if you lose you a button or seam on your dress, a small safety pin can pinch- hit for a necklace clasp if yours breaks suddenly. I always have one or two SAFETY PINS in your bag.

2.        Band-Aid.

Band-Aids is not just for cuts, Also it can save your heels from painful new shoes. Thank goodness for colorful and playful Band-Aids you can use it to hide in with chipped nail polish. (A nail with ruined polished)

3.        Face blotting paper.

These little absorbent sheets Becomes Handy When You want to wipe away excess shine, oil, or even sweat on your brow, cheeks and upper lips. They are very elegant way of solving These problems.

4.        Card holder.

This is one of the most important items That Should Be in your bag especially for Those of us in business or in executive positions, to quick and easy access to your complementary cards or your credit cards is always a good idea instead of turning your bags upside down looking for your cards you can easily access all your cards in one place organized and neat.

5.        USB Drive.

This is especially useful to back up your document and presentation When you are going on a business trip or delivering a presentation out of the office.

6.        Battery Case or Portable Phone Charger.

No doubt we all have gone through That very harrowing experience of running out of battery. A decent portable cell phone charger That will charge your battery at couple of times over is always a no brainer. We will recommend a battery case as you do not have to deal with loose cable or extra items floating in your handbag or purse

7.        Stain-Pen eraser.

How embarrassing it can be to have coffee stain on your dress. Not only will a stain eraser pen-save from going through the day with stain on your dress, it may help Also a friend and a colleague or a client Which might lead to you closing That deal Just Because on kind gesture.

8.        Tissue.

We never want to go out without a tissue especially When you have flu or feel sneezing. It will be embarrassing not to have clean tissues When Things get messy

9.        Earrings.

There is no other remedy for lost earrings other than having extra in your handbag. We do want to go around having one earring on one ear, right?

10.    Hand Cream.

Ladies the big chill of winter is upon us suddenly and it brings a multitude of pesky skin issues- our hands are not left out. To keep your hands soft and smooth instead of chapped and cracked. To combat this always has a good hand cream inside your purse or handbag.

11.    Hand Sanitizer.

Hand Sanitizer is very essential especially Those us who you have a lot of contact with people from one meeting to another. Also if you ride public transport. Look for a hand sanitizer with vitamin E or a moisturizing agent so your hands remain fresh and moist.

12.    Breathe Freshener.

That we all have had experience with someone with a bad breath and I am sure you do not wanna talk to That person again. Bad breath as a matter of fact is a hug turnoff for a lot of us. I always keep mints or gum in your purse or handbag to keep That breath fresh.



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Letter from our Founder



White Imbembo (kilesa Italy), Helena De Jesus, Linda Pavlova
                                                                         White Imbembo (kilesa Italy), Helena De Jesus, Linda Pavlova


Dear friends,

My name is Bianca, I am honored and with great appreciation for your patronage and support for our brand kilesa. I started this journey not just to sell quality hand bags at an affordable price but Also to use my story as a reference for Those have a dream and are passionate about it and needs That push in other to start Pursuing Their dream. Kilesa is more than a bag company; it is a medium I want to use to touch lives of women around the world.

Fashion has Always Been a childhood thing I have always gravitated towards fashion, I love it and have Always Been passionate about it. Although I started off my career in a multinational cooperation as a manager my dream was always to create strong and elegant fashion accessories for women. I had to put my dreams aside for a while in the other to create a family; the plan was to raise my kids to a stage where they are independent before actualizing my dreams. All the while there was never a time I did not feel the intensity and desire to take the bull by the horn and start taking steps That will finally make it possible for me to fulfil my dream of creating a feminine accessory for woman's daily life.

At age 40, I took the bold step. My first idea was to create an eco-friendly product using unusual materials That can match precious leather. This idea and initiative caught the attention of the organizers of Expo 2015 in Milan, they saw my product as an innovative idea and they helped expose the product.

So THAT is how it all started, it all started with a dream and passion to create strong and elegant accessories for women. Have been you has not all rosy but When You are doing something you love, you will not only appreciate the results but the journey and most importantly the impart of your story plus the feeling of opening a bag kilesa package to see the master piece we have created at an affordable price is a blessing for me. I know I never leave anything to chance, we create our bags with attention to details.       

White, Our Founder
                                                                                 White, Our Founder at our event attended.


Once again I thank you all for your love, for your attention and your patronage. Please you are welcome to be part of our story, our journey, keep Following us on social media and read and sharing our stories as they are all from our heart to you. Please do not for one second doubt That your thoughts and voice is not important to us. You are precious to us and so is your comments please share it with us always on the comment section and will never ignore you.

Once again thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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Top Ten Winter 2016/17

Moda autunno inverno 2016: le 10 tendenze più hot viste alle sfilate di New York, Londra, Milano, Parigi.

    1    Il cappotto cammello. Doppiopetto, a vestaglia o modello trench stile Ultimo Tango a Parigi, ecco i modelli più trendy del momento. Ma questo capospalla così seducente e evergreen allo stesso tempo si presta anche a diverse interpretazioni sul suo uso.
    2    La pelliccia, vera o falsa, l'importante che sia colorata. Crazy fur! Tutte pazze per la pelliccia colorata. Vera o ecologica che sia è questo il mood per affrontare il freddo invernale. Siete pronte? Ecco qualche consiglio per calcare la tendenza. Preparatevi ad effetti collage modernisti, patchwork cuciti ad opera d'arte e incastri geometrici. Oppure a spennellate punk su peli maculati, stampe incastrate l'una con l'altra o puzzle con incroci inusuali. L'importante è accentuare, eccedere, colorare. La pelliccia non passa inosservata, e allora tanto vale sottolinearne la sua presenza come una pagina evidenziata, un quadro di Kandinsky o un arlecchino moderno.
    3    Il parka, un capospalla invernale che prende il posto della cappotto. Calda, impermeabile e pratica questa antica giacca militare si mimettizza al meglio con tutti i look della prossima stagione. Anche perché da semplice giacca militare all'imprinting sportivo il parka visto in passerella si arricchisce di ricami, applicazioni, fantasie, orpelli di pelliccia e non solo... E si lascia influenzare, per forme e colori, anche da altri tipi di giacche dallo stesso utilizzo, vedi gli impermeabili stile Mackintosh, i cappotti Loden o le giacche da Generale, in un mix creative-chic a prova di freddo e umidità.
    4    Il cappello di lana. Come spesso avviene dallo street-style alla passerella il passo è breve...Ed ecco perché, a quanto pare, il freddo e le temperature gelide del prossimo inverno si combatteranno con un beanie. Dal berretto in mohair melange alla cuffietta artigianale lavorata a ferri, da Gucci a Tommy Hilfiger rormai beanie mania.
    5    Il piumino. Matelassé, over o trapuntato a zig zag. A fantasia, in versione stola o mantella stile copriletto, il prossimo inverno si affronta con uno dei capispalla più amati e odiati del guardaroba, ma che in versione couture come visto in passerella, diventa un trend irrinunciabile.
    6    La stola di pelliccia! Che sia di pelliccia di visone, di eco fur o anche un semplice vello di pelouche colorato, poco importa, l’unica certezza che abbiamo appreso dalle sfilate autunno inverno 2016-2017 è che, una striscia di pelliccia annodata sulle spalle, fatta scivolare su un fianco o attorcigliata in modo strano intorno al collo rompe gli schemi e dà carattere al look. Ed è già un trend da copiare in poche mosse.
    7    I vestiti e i tailleur in velluto e ciniglia. Morbidi, piacevoli da indossare e sono eleganti, caldi e dall'effetto bambola assicurato! Per un inverno all'insegna della sensualità.
    8    Le maniche extra lunghe. Un dettaglio di styling che spopola nelle collezioni dell'inverno che verrà.
    9    Il giubotto bomber. La giacca trapuntata con chiusura zip centrale e polsini e collo in maglina, indossata già nel lontano 1915 dagli aviatori inglesi della Royal Flying Corps e poi diventato capo cult della scena hip hop e street style newyorkese tra gli anni '80 e '90, arriva prepotentemente in passerella tra le sfilate di più cool di stagione.
  10    La felpa con il cappuccio! Via libera a giubbotti, felpe e maglioni, ma l'importante che siano con il cappuccio. L'antifreddo perfetto del prossimo inverno è incorporato alla maglia o al capospalla. Soffice e di pelliccia ecologica, come una cagoule, o ampio e di felpa in modello hoody. L'importante è che il cappuccio sia un tutt'uno con maglie, vestiti, parka e giacche anche ski inspired. Da infilare all'occorrenza!