12 Essentials of a well Packed Purse or Handbag That Will Save You From- Wardrobe Malfunction, Help You Keep Things Organized and Save you from Pain of Wearing a New Shoe


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Women are known to be the most organized people and it takes preparations and knowing how to fix bad situations When They happen. To be successful solving such bad situation such as wardrobe malfunction or pains from wearing a new shoes we have to have all the Necessary essentials in our purse or handbags.

In this article we will be learning about items you Should Have in your purse or handbags That will save you from embarrassing situation like wardrobe malfunction, pains from wearing a new shoe and keeping you organized.

1.        Safety Pins.

Safety pin is a lifesaver if you lose you a button or seam on your dress, a small safety pin can pinch- hit for a necklace clasp if yours breaks suddenly. I always have one or two SAFETY PINS in your bag.

2.        Band-Aid.

Band-Aids is not just for cuts, Also it can save your heels from painful new shoes. Thank goodness for colorful and playful Band-Aids you can use it to hide in with chipped nail polish. (A nail with ruined polished)

3.        Face blotting paper.

These little absorbent sheets Becomes Handy When You want to wipe away excess shine, oil, or even sweat on your brow, cheeks and upper lips. They are very elegant way of solving These problems.

4.        Card holder.

This is one of the most important items That Should Be in your bag especially for Those of us in business or in executive positions, to quick and easy access to your complementary cards or your credit cards is always a good idea instead of turning your bags upside down looking for your cards you can easily access all your cards in one place organized and neat.

5.        USB Drive.

This is especially useful to back up your document and presentation When you are going on a business trip or delivering a presentation out of the office.

6.        Battery Case or Portable Phone Charger.

No doubt we all have gone through That very harrowing experience of running out of battery. A decent portable cell phone charger That will charge your battery at couple of times over is always a no brainer. We will recommend a battery case as you do not have to deal with loose cable or extra items floating in your handbag or purse

7.        Stain-Pen eraser.

How embarrassing it can be to have coffee stain on your dress. Not only will a stain eraser pen-save from going through the day with stain on your dress, it may help Also a friend and a colleague or a client Which might lead to you closing That deal Just Because on kind gesture.

8.        Tissue.

We never want to go out without a tissue especially When you have flu or feel sneezing. It will be embarrassing not to have clean tissues When Things get messy

9.        Earrings.

There is no other remedy for lost earrings other than having extra in your handbag. We do want to go around having one earring on one ear, right?

10.    Hand Cream.

Ladies the big chill of winter is upon us suddenly and it brings a multitude of pesky skin issues- our hands are not left out. To keep your hands soft and smooth instead of chapped and cracked. To combat this always has a good hand cream inside your purse or handbag.

11.    Hand Sanitizer.

Hand Sanitizer is very essential especially Those us who you have a lot of contact with people from one meeting to another. Also if you ride public transport. Look for a hand sanitizer with vitamin E or a moisturizing agent so your hands remain fresh and moist.

12.    Breathe Freshener.

That we all have had experience with someone with a bad breath and I am sure you do not wanna talk to That person again. Bad breath as a matter of fact is a hug turnoff for a lot of us. I always keep mints or gum in your purse or handbag to keep That breath fresh.



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